Back in the Summer of 2016, the Atlanta Improv Festival held their first Cage Match where 8 local teams came together to battle it out for the best improv team in Atlanta. During that festival, John Timlin, Chris Faulkner and Tom Bastek were House Managing their butts off to help keep the festival running smooth. As they cut their way through the crowd to stuff more chairs into the main theater, John and Chris talked about how they would have loved to have a team in the Cage Match and how they should start a show called the House Managers. John said, "No wait, The Bouncers." They needed a third, Tom was asked to join the group and The Bouncers were born. 

Later that year, The Bouncers got booked to perform at the New Years Eve show but Chris had already made plans. With a great suggestion from John and a unanimous vote from the guys, Tom Rhoads was asked to come and sub in. He happened to be available for the next show, and also came and sat in. A quick change of the logo, and tada! The Bouncers  had grown to four!

We are asked alot about the format of The Bouncers Show, and truly it really is a combination of many. When we first started we always had the audience pick the bar and the event that we were bouncing at. After a great suggestion during a coaching session with Vicent Migliore,  the format evolved into what it is today: 

"Give us a location where you wouldn't normally expcet to see bouncers..."

And off we go to bounce at church, the library, a frozen yogurt shop, a grocery store, a department store, a pharmacy, the zoo, a dog park, Chili's, Red Lobster, the international space station, and more...

John Timlin

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Chris Faulkner

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Tom Bastek 

Tom has been performing since he was a child. Whether it was playing tuba with a symphony orchestra at 16 years of age, doing community theater in New York at 18, standup comedy in Minnesota at 24, Radio DJ-ing in Savannah at 30 or MC-ing in Las Vegas at 35, performance has always been a part of him. He is currently working in improv and sketch comedy. In addition to the Bouncers, he performs with the Village Theater’s House Team – Danger, the Star Trek Inspired – Captains Log, You Did This: Interactive Improv, Other People’s Parents (OPP) and is currently a writer and actor on Fourth Ward Sketch Group. In his spare time, he geeks out over all things LEGO, pinball, craft beer, Sci-fi, comic book, tuba and the New York Jets and Yankees.


Tom Rhoads

Tom Rhoads is an Atlanta based improviser, actor, writer and director who has been performing improvised and scripted material for over a decade. When he’s not busy bouncing Tom can be seen performing his one man show, Sleeping Giant in theaters and at colleges across the country. Tom is a writer, performer, producer and director of HighWire Comedy Company’s Good Evening Tonight, Atlanta's only live weekly news based show and has also appeared on Adult Swim. Originally from Chicago, Tom studied and performed at The Second City Training Center of which he is a conservatory graduate.