The "real" story of The Bouncers may never truly be known, but there are more than a few tall tales, hypotheses, and wild guesses that have been passed down from bouncee to bouncee. They say that you never really know The Bouncers until you have been bounced by one of them, but here is a story that has been pieced together over the years and most believe to be the true origin of the Four Horseman of the Bouncepocolapse. 

Flipper, bored to tears after binge watching too many shows on Netflix was looking for a way to take out his frustrations when he ran into Stockyard in front of the daycare where he was picking up his two children. No, literally ran into him. Both cars were pretty banged up, but no one was hurt. Stockyard, being a therapist as his part time job, kept a relatively level head and talked through the situation with Flipper both big guys coming to the realization that they had more in common than a car accident. They decided to team up and start FlipYard Security, LLC and rest is history as they say. No one even filed a insurance claim from the accident. Although rumor has it that Stockyard still holds that repair bill over Flipper’s head every once in a while. 

Bruno answered the Craigslist ad that the boys had posted looking to round out the group. It read:“ISO Big Guy with willingness to learn, be paid next to nothing, and probably get knocked out at least once a week.”Bruno saw it as a can’t pass up opportunity and since he was the only one who answered the ad, the boys had no choice but to hire him on. 

Paulie wasn’t far behind and was picked up for a New Year’s Eve gig that Flipper had to take his soon to be third wife to and he fit in so nicely, the boys couldn’t let him go, even though he towered down at all of them. 

Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as bouncers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire The Bouncers.


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Originally from NY, Bruno grew up the last of two kids in a one bedroom apartment. His father worked down on the docks at South Street and his mother worked at Dino's, the local diner all day. 

After graduating high school he bounced around the country and finally settled into Atlanta, finding a home teamed up with Flip, Stockyard and Paulie. He is attending junior college at the Junior United University College Preparatory Acadamy (JUUCPA) and is hoping to one day own a bar/restaurant of his own, where he can employ (and properly pay) all of his friends. 

Bruno is often a hard luck case when it comes to the women, and takes plenty of ribbing and occassionaly advice about it from the guys. He is the youngest of the group, and has the least experience in the bouncing game. 

Favorite Bounce: Bouncing The Green Knight out of the Renaissance Fair.


Paulie joined The Bouncers on New Year’s Eve 2017. At 6’8,” 245 lbs Paulie is the tallest and lightest Bouncer. Don’t let the hippie appearance fool you, Paulie is a no nonsense Bouncer who’s not afraid to grab you by your ear. Paulie loves to pick on his fellow comrades but has proven he’d literally take a bullet for them in the line of duty.

Favorite Bounce:  Bouncing a baby rhino at the zoo and Brian Boitano at the ice rink.